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The ‘It Won’t Happen to Me’ syndrome is the most common reason for teenage car accidents. Teens have a tendency to believe in their own invincibility and can get carried away by factors such as car detailers peer pressure and the need to show off and indulge in risky driving habits and behaviors. If you suffer from an anxiety attack every time your teen gets behind the wheel, it’s time to turn to the experts for help.

Securus, Inc. – the leader in GPS safety and security – has launched the eZoom, a multi-use GPS locator that can be used for asset and fleet tracking and helps you keep track of your loved ones and your belongings. Parents can install an eZoom locator in their teen’s car and receive notifications when their teen enters and leaves different locations. eZoom can also send alerts when a teen exceeds a certain speed.

A-GPS tracking technology offers quick location updates online or on a mobile phone, and parents can track their teens on a map and offer precise driving directions. Teens can also check in with their parents by pressing the alert button on the eZoom, giving their parents peace of mind that the teen has reached their destination while eliminating the need for teens to call their parents when they arrive.

Ensure Your Teen Driver’s Safety With These Tips:
Apart from using the eZoom to keep tabs on your teen driver, you can also do the following to ensure your teen’s safety:

Make sure that your teen is well rested before he gets behind a wheel. A large percentage of road accidents are caused by fatigued or sleepy drivers.

Ban the use of cell phones while driving and under no circumstance should your teen be allowed to text and drive.

If there are other teens in the car with him, try to have an adult or more experienced driver included as well.

Help your teen learn to drive in a variety of situations so he is more experienced.
eZoom: Perfect for personal or commercial use, the eZoom GPS locator is a waterproof multi-functional product that allows you to keep track of what’s most important in your life. Whether it’s keeping your teen driver safe, having peace of mind knowing where your children are, monitoring your fleet vehicles or your assets, eZoom is there to keep you informed every step of the way. To learn more about how eZoom can be there for you, please click here.

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