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For the last year, I have been exercising regularly and eating healthier and I lost about 15 lbs. I reached a plateau and couldn’t seem to break through. I first heard and learned about Celsius from a good friend, personal trainer, and bowling teammate. He told me to add Celsius to my daily routine and not to look at the scale for a month. I kept everything else the same, what I ate and my workouts. Within a couple of months – I lost 6% body fat! My overall weight was down a little, so, I know that I am losing body fat while I build lean muscle. That’s exactly what I was working out for! Celsius has ignited my efforts and expedited my results!

I noticed the 24 hour fitness now carries it in their coolers after an email I sent them sharing my results and showing them the blog article you guys put together for me!! I have been receiving many more compliments on the way my body is becoming more lean. I have been hitting personal records often in the gym lately, and have been bowling well and making multiple top 10 finishes in local tournaments. Drinking the Celsius while bowling long format tournaments are great. There will be a big tournament and it’s 10 games, I will definitely have some with me! Everyone who I work out with has had nothing but positive comments on the Celsius I have given them.

Celsius played the role of picking me up when I became sluggish in the afternoon or when I needed energy in the morning at breakfast. When drinking Celsius in the morning, it gives me a perk of alertness that lasts throughout the day. When taking it prior to working out, it gives me a burst of energy with no jitters that lasts throughout my entire workout. Celsius has been the best for me later on in the day at work or with dinner after having consuming over 2000 good calories it gives me energy without the crash, plus it tastes good. I look at Celsius as a small change to my lifestyle that has had big results.

I am careful about what I eat and drink, but I wasn’t always this way. In the beginning I still ate fast food for about two months here and there, but now I have cut out all of my fast food out of my diet. I have eliminated sodas, fast food, cheeses, and foods high in sodium completely. I have also set a restriction of not eating beyond 8:30 pm. Also, with my diet I have increased my protein intake to promote lean muscle growth.

Once beginning my gym exercises, I have not changed much in my routine besides changing repetitions, amount of sets, weight, and or rest time in order to shock my muscles through my fitness expedition. I exercise 4-5 times a week. With a balance of weightlifting and cardio, Celsius reveals its strength as I power through my workouts, which last about an hour. The trainers that I work with at my gym have given me good advice to maximize my workouts with Celsius and have witnessed my results! I rely on my local Vitamin Shoppe managers for a lot of nutritional information. I asked them about Celsius and they said that based on their customers’ feedback – “I can tell you it works!” Now, I can tell them that I agree!

The tip I can give to anyone is to never let yourself down on your commitment. My keys to weight loss have been strict dieting and continual learning, exercise 4-6 times a week, and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I never thought companies really used the success stories that people submit, but, it’s great to see an ambassador of fitness and my trainer, David, highlighted on your site as he has helped me lose 15 pounds and 6% body fat within 3 months.

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