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With summer coming up there has never been a better time to purchase solar lights. Solar lights are completely reliant on the sun and are totally environmentally-friendly. They do not emit any carbon emissions of any sort and will help reduce your energy bills. Visit us at:

The way they work is by absorbing the energy in sunlight. The energy is then converted into an electric current which is used to charge the battery within the device. The lighting devices actually know when it’s night or dawn and will automatically switch on or off. These products are quiet amazing and will be beneficial to all homes.

The first product everyone should install is the Solar Sensor Light. These products should be mandatory for homes due to the number of benefits associated with the product. They are completely solar powered and come with LED bulbs. LEDs can consume up to 90% less energy than traditional halogen bulbs.

The Solar Sensor light also has added security benefits due to the fact that they come with a passive infrared sensor. The sensor has the ability to detect heat and will automatically turn on the light when someone is in their range. By having this device installed to your home, thieves will most likely back away from your house because they tend to dislike the light.
Second on the list is the Solar Shed Light, due to the fact that they are quite convenient. These lights can basically be placed anywhere. They were designed to be installed in your shed or garage but I’ve noticed you can practically put them anywhere. They have a on and off switch which makes it more handy unlike the solar sensor light where it only turns on when people are present.

So if you find that you’re outdoors quite often during the night, install a solar shed light. You’ll definitely see a drop on your electricity bill. The lights are available online for about $30 which I think is fairly quite cheap.

Since Christmas is in summer where I’m located, my last product that I would like to mention is the Solar Fairy Lights. These lights are for decorating purposes only. They can be used to decorate your garden as well as being used to decorate your house during Christmas. They normally come with 100 LEDs spanning over a 10m string. On a fully charged battery these lights are capable of lasting up to 8 hours.

Since Christmas is around the corner, everyone should be stocking up on solar fairy lights if they’re planning to decorate their house. They will definitely save quite a bit on your bill if you’re decorating your house this year.

So there you have it, 3 hot products for summer this year. So install them to your house right away and gain all the benefits they have to offer.

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